About Us


We are a family business, and have been trading since 2014. We are dreamers, travellers and believe in what we do. We explore and travel the world for inspiration to encourage new ideas and shapes that we can turn our vast collection of wood into sellable objects for the house and garden.

Personal Info

  • +44 1827 283095
  • Hunt & Gather, Middleton Hall Courtyard, Tamworth Staffs B78 2AE
  • Open Hours Wed - Sun 10 till 4pm (Closed Mon & Tuesday)
  • enquiries@hunt-gather.co.uk
  • www.hunt-gather.co.uk


Service 1

We will soon be offering an online SHOP

Service 2

We offer a made to order service, where communication is the key. Go to our Contacts page and leave us a note or visit us in our shop

Service 3

We have been trading for some time now and have probably hand made what you are looking for, we are compiling a large catalogue for you to look through or Contact us directly


If you want to contact us, have any comments or just want to say hello

Please leave your details below!

Custom Section

We offer a made to order service, tailored specifically to your interests. Special gifts for weddings, leaving presents, moving in gifts etc If you have a particular interest in Oak, Elm, Ash, Yew or Walnut for instance and don't see it in store, I'm sure we can make what you are looking for - if it's close to Christmas please contact us early as we are usually very busy around this period.
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