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I often carve spoons the traditional way, but I also enjoy using waste timber and carving blanks with the bandsaw. In this post you can see with the piece of oak from start to finish.

I start with drawing an outline onto the wood, and then cut the initial shape with the bandsaw. I then carved it's shape with the Ray Iles knife, and its deeper cuts with my Ben Orford knife. I did return to the bandsaw and take further area off the spoon to save time carving.


I would have left it at this stage as I like the over all look and feel of the spoon. I like the to show the work and time in the curves left in the timber.

But thought if I take it further, I can sand it to a finer smoother finish. I treated the finished piece with linseed oil too - doing this I covered the spoon in oil, then wiped off the excess, and let it dry, turning it occasionally.

In this picture I have added a leather loop and it is photographed on a sanded block of teak (also in Linseed oil)

Hope you like it!

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