Busy evening last night

Just before the year ends, I wanted to finish off a block of oak that I have started hand sawing for some time... (regretting I don't have a chainsaw at the moment)

But not a lot of you know that if you get a block of oak with a crack in the wood... don't turn it... as it is more than likely to leave the lathe at speed and probably through the workshop window too.... I did check the cracks didn't go through the block first.

But I took the chances and years of experience and hopefully you can see a pattern that develops below.

I turned the whole ready for the chuck to fit first, and accurately. Turned the bowl around and turned/removed the heart/cracked area to help reduce chances.

I'll add pictures later tomorrow when the linseed oil has dried. In the image you can see the bowl has been finished with bees wax first.

Hope you like the result.

Happy New Year