Loved it !!!

Finding an old bit of work from an old friend, that taught me how to wood turn (sadly before he passed away)...

I challenged myself to do a similar replica of his work. I might add my old friend Michael was an exceptional wood turner and would amaze me how quickly he could finish work out at an alarming rate like this tiny solid oak vessel.


7.2cm (full width) x 6.4cm (high) x 3mm (thick)

I hope you like this, and appreciate it as much as I do, it is such a delicate vessel. Personally I like to make chunky bowls so the finished bowl really shows of the wood, as opposed to show of how thin the vessel can be. This is my attempt, and I made it from turning a solid block of Yew, finished in a melamine lacquer.


6.8cm (full width) x 7.4cm (high)x 3mm (thick)

I have attached a few more images showing the start of the bowl on the lathe to its last section of sanding. You can click on each picture to enlarge the image - or see the stages I go through, up to the moment where the wood gets attached to the chuck and the fun begins

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