Hunt & Gather, 2 Tudor Row, Lichfield, WS13 6HH

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Why are we called Hunt & Gather

Its always a struggle to find a name for any business, and it has to be easy to remember and define what you do...

Tracey and I both have Art Degrees, (History of Art & History of Design and Furniture Design / Manufacture)

We handmade and design 50% of our stock from reclaimed / recycled timber. Over many years we have Hunted and Gathered timber and stored it in our workshop - we both enjoyed creating products from recycled timber - and hense the name stuck 'Hunt' and 'Gather'

We are having a new shop sign fitted in the New Year and on the sign will be an abbreviated version of what I have just written. Hopefully people will grasp what we do when passing! If you have any ideas what we should add msg us: or comment below

We love receiving message from people so please don't feel hesitant 

We often get asked if we personalise items or handmake items to fit and we often do. Please ask if  there is some thing you are looking for and its not at hand - we can often make the items for you.